Are there Now Any Ambassadors?

Brother Sewell: Has Christ any ambassadors on earth? If so, who are they? I understand the apostles to be the last ambassadors. Am I right?

You are certainly right about the apostles being the last ambassadors from God to men, and there will certainly be no more. The apostles gave fully the conditions of pardon, upon compliance with which we can have peace with God, and the conditions upon which eternal life can be obtained. We have all these conditions on record, and do not need any more ambassadors now. What we need now is for men to repeat the conditions of salvation the apostles gave. But the trouble with the religious world now is that there are men who think they are ambassadors, and they give differ­ent conditions from those the apostles gave, and thus turn the ears of the people away from the conditions the true ambassadors gave and turn them to the doctrines and com­mandments of men. There are no conditions of salvation now from God to men except those given and left on record by the apostles. All others are conditions given by unin­spired men to men, and all of these combined cannot save one sinner. Let all those, therefore, that propose to labor for the conversion and salvation of men see to it that they repeat the terms of peace and redemption that the apostles gave under guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then all will preach alike, and all can be saved if they will comply with the terms.

Elisha G. Sewell


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